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Claudia Vásquez Gómez

Nationalität: Chile
* 1981 in Providencia, Chile
Aufenthalt: Oktober 2009


Projekt: Performance "Sehen ist keine Augensache" 3.10.2009 in Wien
            Performance "Sehen ist keine Augensache" 17.10.2009 in Krems
            Installation "lento ma non troppo” 27.10.2009 in der Pfarrkirche hl. Nikolaus
            Sehen text assembly offices AIR-Krems
Performance Wien
Performance Krems
Installation Stein

"... For all the reasons mentioned above, I think that Krems-AIR is a magnificent space for creativity and experimentation, that offers superb conditions for developing a project and for meeting artists from a variety of countries in an extremely quiet city." (Claudia Vásquez Gómez)


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