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Jen Liu

Nationalität: USA
*1976 in New York, USA
Aufenthalt: Juli - September 2011


Projekt: Zine*Fair: Talks/panel discussion, KUNSTHALLE Wien, UBVL, 17.09.2011
Six Colorful Tales from the Emotional Spectrum (Women), 16.09. - 22.10.2011, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool

"...And now, back in New York, I have brought back these foraged gems: as I run in my noisy Brooklyn park, I imagine the calm Donau to my right.   Just last night I emailed images from the remarkable Franz West exhibition from September in Vienna, to an artist friend.  And tonight as I gather my thoughts, I look at the images of an exhibition that would not have been possible otherwise.  But above all, the many conversations started and revived with my peers in Krems and Vienna, will be sure to continue over the coming years – a lasting gift of AIR Krems..."
Jen Liu




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