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France Jobin

Citizenship: Kanada
* 1958 in Quebec, Ca
Residence: 02.11.2008 - 22.01.2009

Curriculum vitae

Project: Concert i8u in the context of "Shut up and listen! 2008", 21.11.2008 at "Room 35", Vienna
Raum 35
Collaboration with Bernhard Gal working on an album, editing and mastering, 26.-27.11.08
Soundinstallation "Und Transit" at the Minoritenkirche, 15.12.08 - 16.01.09
Concert "Live recording #100" at the Amann Studio, 18.01.2009
Amann Studio

"... The works, projects and events listed above are levels, by which this residency can be measured and deemed successful, but this residency will have far more reaching effects on me as an artist than my simple words can do justice to. ..." (France Jobin)


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