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Faika Ceren Çağlar

Citizenship: Turkish
* 1986 in Ankara, TR
Residence: August - September 2014

Exhibition: Abstract Perception
In her artistic work, the young Turkish artist Faika Ceren Çağlar pursues a stylistic objective which in its essence corresponds to collage, continuously linking formal and content-related elements such as painterly media – e.g. brush and paint – as well as found objects like printed materials.Life experiences are what feed and drive these collections of materials, which – reinterpreted and recontextualized – reflect the socio-cultural milieu of the young Turkish artist between the past and the future, between East and West.

Kunstverein Baden, Baden next to Vienna
Opening: 12.09.2014, 7 p.m.
Duration: 13.09. – 2.11.2014
Kunstverein Baden
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