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Nils Oskamp

Citizenship: German
* 1969 in Bochum, D
Lives in Hamburg
Residence: February - March 2015

Curriculum vitae

Projects:  "Drei Steine"

Presentation and lecture in the framework of the NEXTCOMIC Festival 2015

Presentation Three Stones
The German illustrator, graphic designer and comic book artist Nils Oskamp, Artist in Residence on Cartoon Museum Krems, presents his graphic novel Three Stones. Oskamp deals with events from his youth and tells the story of a boy who fights in a West German city of the 1980s against neo-Nazism in their own classroom.

22.03.2015, 1 pm
Ursulinensaal (at the OK Kulturquartier)
OK-Platz 1, 4020 Linz


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