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Marko Kosović

Citizenship: Montenegro
* 1991 in Mojkovac, MNE
Lives in Podgorca, MNE
Residence: July 2016

WEST BALKAN CALLING is an Artist-in-Residence Exchange Programme between 6 art institutions based in South-East Europe and 5 art institutions in Austria. It took place in 2015/2016.
In cooperation with < rotor > center for contemporary art based in Graz, Austria

Exhibition of the poster edition on the occasion of the AiR-programme West Balkan Calling
Opening: 7.3.2018, 6 pm
Duration: 8.3.–21.3.2018
Location: KEX Studio, WUK Werkstätten - und Kulturhaus, Vienna, Austria

Exhibition responseABILITY
Artists of the AiR programme West Balkan Calling
Opening: 9.3. 2018, 6 pm
Duration: 10.3.–26.5.2018
Location: < rotor > center for contemporary art, Graz, Austria

Curriculum vitae


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