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Nafees Ahmad

Citizenship: Pakistan
* 1964 in Pakistan, PK
Lives in Karachi, PK
Residence: March 2016

Project: Concert in the framework of the music festival IMAGO DEI

makroPHONIA From the Praise of Hope and the Love of Small Things... makroPHONIA is an attempt to reduce means, possibilities, and parameters. To recognise, explore, understand, tolerate the big in the small, the own in the foreign, the unusual in the unassuming. To this end, the instruments from Pakistan with their microtonal pitches fulfil an important task: The Pakistani flutes, the 20-stringed zither, and the tablas in combination with the guitar, violoncello, drums, and saxophone/clarinet encompass a broad acoustic spectrum, which – like natural processes –  allows subtle differentiations as well as sharp contours and breaks.
Michael Bruckner & Renald Deppe

19.03.2016, Klangraum Krems, Krems


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